Ever Upwards

by Iasos



This piece was created as a musical model of spiritual evolution,
wherein, through many incarnations, we gradually evolve and eventually ASCEND from a heaven realm, to an even higher heaven realm, and eventually ASCEND to an even higher heaven realm, etc
. ..............until eventually we reach the VOID - Total Stillness, silence,
the absolute, unmanifest, formless source - from which all forms are birthed into Being.

Listening with good headphones is highly-recommended,
if you really want to get this piece.
(Otherwise, you're really "missing the show".)

This song is also one of the songs on Iasos' album
"The Next Dimension".

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released September 29, 2017


all rights reserved



Iasos California

(pronounced ya' sos)
is a Music Creator, specializing in
celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music.

He is also one of the original founders of "New Age" music.

More recently, he has been focusing on creating celestial visuals.

May this music be an OASIS for your Soul.

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