Fairy Dust

from by Iasos

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Optimum-reception Posture: Any position is fine.

This sound has a strong resonance at the highest frequencies that CDs can reproduce. Consequently, effective application of this sound can only come from speakers or headphones that can effectively reproduce very high frequencies.

FAIRY DUST produces a highly stimulating effect on your etheric body. It enlivens and vitalizes your etheric body.

It also sensitizes the listener to subtler energies.

And, it produces a most interesting side-effect: This sound tends to attract beings from the magical elemental Nature kingdom: elves, gnomes, and fairies. This is because this sound has a strong resonance with the actual real substance called "fairy dust". All the beings in the elemental kingdom are specialists at transforming mental patterns into etheric patterns and then transforming etheric patterns into actual physical patterns - like a flower or leaf. These beings can condense and solidify their own life essence on the etheric level into tiny golden liquid bubbles of living light - This is what "fairy dust" actually is! If you befriend the fairies in your own backyard, you can actually ask them to sprinkle you with their fairy dust, and this will have an even more stimulating effect on your etheric body than this sound. At any rate, this sound makes them feel "right at home" - even in the middle of a man-made environment. If you want to attract these beings, just repeat this sound where they can hear it.


from Sacred Sonic Tools, released July 14, 1998



all rights reserved


Iasos California

(pronounced ya' sos)
is a Music Creator, specializing in
celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music.

He is also one of the original founders of "New Age" music.

More recently, he has been focusing on creating celestial visuals.

May this music be an OASIS for your Soul.
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