Fairy Laughter

from by Iasos

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Laughter in general performs 2 wonderful functions on the emotional level. First, it brightens up your feelings or "perks you up". Technically, it raises the frequencies at which you are vibrating emotionally. You could think of laughter as "delight that is boiling over".

Secondly, it dislodges and releases pockets of dense emotional energies within your field. You see, laughter is the emotional equivalent of soap suds. Just as soap loosens up dirt so it can get washed away more easily, likewise, laughter loosens up pockets of heavy emotions stuck in your emotional field (like anger, annoyance, fear, sadness), so they can easily wash away into the light.

So laughter serves to raise your emotional frequencies and to dislodge and release pockets of low-frequency emotions.

Because of emotional resonance, laughter is contagious. And so, just the sound of laughter can easily induce brighter feelings in others. And fairy laughter just happens to be one of the most "potentized" and high-frequency forms of laughter.

If your emotions affect your health, and if laughter up-shifts your emotions, ... hmm, just think .....


from Sacred Sonic Tools, released July 14, 1998



all rights reserved


Iasos California

(pronounced ya' sos)
is a Music Creator, specializing in
celestial, heavenly, inter-dimensional music.

He is also one of the original founders of "New Age" music.

More recently, he has been focusing on creating celestial visuals.

May this music be an OASIS for your Soul.
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